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Wrought iron signs

Enseigne barbe d'or
Enseigne de la clé
Enseigne de la Sirène
Enseigne Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles
Enseigne de La Grande Muraille
Enseigne Le Soleil de Kabylie
Enseigne des armoiries de Laon
Enseigne du Parvis
Enseigne de la Croix
Enseigne de la Croix
Enseigne de la Duché
Enseigne du Caducée
Enseigne de l'Agora
Enseigne Le Péché Mignon
Enseigne Les Souris dans le Grenier
Enseigne du Cygne

A tradition from the Middle Ages, the wrought iron sign is a form of signage hat has survived the ages. The FER BOIS company in Coucy les Eppes near Laon (02) perpetuates this tradition.


Each sign is suspended from a bracket. This can be very simple, made in a clean style to really put the emphasis on the sign. Or, on the contrary, it can be adorned with hot-forged by hand volutes to recall the old side of wrought iron bracket.

Your craftsman ironworker 02 can make and install all kinds of wrought iron signs in Aisne (02) and its neighboring departments:

The “Haut de Laon” signs

LAs you walk through the upper part of the medieval town of Laon, you can glimpse, looking up, wrought iron signs ranging from the most traditional style to the most colorful.

It is Paolo Da Encarnação who has been producing these signs since 2010 – to the number of 48 today - drawing inspiration from the signs that used to be present in the city, such as that of La Hure placed on the terrace facing the Town Hall, but also by adapting to the historical past of the buildings (Frères Le Nain signs) and current shops that make the heart of the city beat (Agora signs). Will you be able to find them all?

The sign of Emmanuel Renaut's Flocons de Sel boutique

As a child of the Coucy region, the three-star chef Emmanuel Renaut did not hesitate to trust the expert hands of Paolo Da Encarnação in order to create the sign for the boutique attached to his gastronomic restaurant in Megève, Flocons de Sel.

For more information, contact Fer Bois by phone on +33 3 23 24 44 67 or via the contact form.

The know-how of a master craftsman ironworker

Since 2000, the FER'BOIS company has been offering you its expertise in fine ironwork and metalwork. Based in Coucy-lès-Eppes near Laon (02) in Picardy, the FER'BOIS company fulfills your desires in terms of gates, ramps and other ornaments for your interiors and exteriors. Signs and sculptures for communities and individuals are also part of our flagship achievements.
Our sector of activity currently extends from Aisne (02) to Marne (51), Somme (08), Oise (60) and more generally to the entire Hauts-de- France.

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