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The company

« Installed in Coucy-Lès-Eppes in the Aisne (02) since 2000 as a master craftsman ironworker, I received my training with the “Compagnons du Devoir”. I work on custom and realize gates, wrought iron railings, stair railings and any work of art metalwork, in creation or copy.

I also create wrought iron furniture, as well as purely decorative works that sometimes mix iron and wood. These creations result from the customer's request or come from my own imagination. You will discover some examples on the page dedicated to my achievements. » Paolo Da Encarnaçao.

The FER BOIS company located between Laon and Reims specializes in the creation but also in the restoration of metal structures. Its workforce, made up of ironworkers, blacksmiths and metalworkers, works metal in all its forms.

At the head of the company since 2000, Paolo Da Encarnaçao perpetuates the art of ironwork and the taste for a job well done.

This passion, Paolo Da Encarnaçao shares it with individuals but also communities, architectural firms or project managers in Aisne (02) and its neighboring departments.

For more information, contact Fer Bois by phone on +33 3 23 24 44 67 or via the contact form.

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