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Our professions

The FER BOIS company near Laon works in metalwork, ironwork and locksmithing in Aisne (02) and its neighboring departments.


Ironwork is the art of working iron with a forge, a swage or a hammer.

The ironworker realizes all types of ironwork in a forge dating from the 19th century and will be happy to answer your requests for your projects of decorative objects, lighting, wrought iron signs in Laon Saint Quentin, Reims.


The job of a metalworker consists in working and shaping all types of metal work: furniture, glass roof, pergola, canopies, staircase, ramp and railing in the Aisne and Marne.


The locksmith is the specialist in the manufacture of metal, steel, stainless steel, brass or copper closures: gates, fences and closures.

For more information, contact Fer Bois by phone on +33 3 23 24 44 67 or via the contact form.

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